TA 100 and TA 200 Analogue Telephone Adaptor

Yeastar TA100 and 200 are Analogue Telephone Adaptors that provide 1 or 2 analogue interfaces for users and small business to connect existing legacy equipment to IP based SIP networks. Cost effective and efficient.

Rich Features

TA100/200 allows users to connect 1/2 analogue phones or fax machines to a SIP service. PBX features such as call waiting, call forwarding, call transfer, call conference, Direct IP Dialing, Do Not Disturb, and flexible dial plan are essential telephony features for the home and small business.

The TA100/200 support Auto Provision FTP/TFTP/HTTP provisioning servers, and is manageable from any Web browser with it’s intuitive Web GUI. The flexible configuration also allows basic configuration on telephone keypad with voice prompt.


Practical Miniature size and USB Powered

Featuring small form factor, TA100/200 uses little noticeable space when placing on the desk. Micro USB port equipped, TA100/200 also can be powered by and directly connected to the USB port of PC, IP-PBX or Router.



Sum UP

The Yeastar TA100/200 is a practical cost effective way for the Home user or SME to convert to IP based telephony.